Services: Electrolysis (Retired)

Electrolysis is the permanent removal of unwanted hair. The areas of treatment are:

Chin, Upper Lip, Eyebrows, Breast, Hairline, Ears, Toes, Tummy & Other Scattered Hairs

Nancy Cecil has 27+ years of electrolysis experience.

The method she uses is called the Gentle Blend Method.


Please call Jennifer Walsey Ph# 917-226-8892. She is at Salon World Suites in Encinitas, in the Target Shopping Center. She has over 29 years experience. You will be in good hands with her.


5 Min Quickie $45.
15-20 Minutes $65.
30-35 Minutes $90.
Longer Times Not Available

How long does electrolysis take?

It depends on many factors including the location on your body, how large the area is, your skin type, and the density, shape, and persistence of the hair follicles. It usually takes at least three complete clearing passes over a given area to catch all of the follicles in their active phase (at any given time, about a third of them are in the resting phase, preparing to grow a new hair). Sometimes a treated follicle will produce another hair, but it will be finer and lighter, and more susceptible to the next treatment. Curved follicles are harder to treat; they are primarily a genetic factor (producing tightly curled hair), but they can also be caused by repeatedly tweezing or waxing. After a few sessions, a good electrologist can assess these factors according to your unique characteristics and epilation goals and provide an estimate of the overall treatment time.

Does electrolysis hurt?

There is some discomfort, but most people can tolerate it for short sessions. Topical anesthetic is available for the treatment, and a soothing anesthetic aloe gel is applied afterwards. Some people prefer to take an oral pain-killer before a long (multi-hour) session. It also helps to be well-hydrated, and to avoid caffeine and other stimulants on the day of the appointment. Some find that the time of day is important– morning is easier for some, afternoon for others. Everyone perceives and handles pain a little differently; communicate openly with your electrologist so you can find the most comfortable combination of factors.

How does electrolysis work?

The most effective type of electrolysis sends a blend of two currents into the papilla (the point at the base of the follicle which nourishes the hair) through a tiny probe: alternating radio frequency current, which heats up and immediately cauterizes the papilla, and a direct current, which creates a small amount of base (lye) in the follicle which finishes the process over the next few hours after the treatment.

How safe is electrolysis?

Only a very small current is required; it works so well because it is focused in a single follicle at a time. The electrologist should employ single-use, pre-sterilized, disposable probes, and heat sterilize their tweezers between every session. Electrolysis is completely safe when performed by an experienced, conscientious electrologist.

Is any special after-care required?

Generally, no. For those with sensitive skin: If there was a strong reaction (swelling, redness) you might find that ice helps if applied during the first hour following treatment; hydrogen peroxide and aloe gel can be applied once a day for the subsequent few days, if you like. Keep the treated area out of the sun, do not shave, do not scratch or rub, and avoid makeup, perfume, strong soap, and astringents for about a week. Essentially: avoid extra irritations, and leave it alone to heal, as you would, say, a minor sunburn.

Isn’t laser hair removal faster than electrolysis?

Faster for the first pass: yes. Permanent: no. There is still no statistically significant evidence that laser epilation is much better than waxing, no matter what is advertised. Depending on the equipment parameters and your skin characteristics, it can even cause skin discoloring and scarring. The US FDA specifically prohibits laser epilation manufacturers and salons from making claims about permanence– but that restriction is often ignored. Let the consumer beware.

What about those home electrolysis kits?

The kits providing electrified tweezers cannot send sufficient current through the hair to reliably kill a follicle (hair is not a good conductor; that is why electrologists use a stainless steel probe to reach the base of the follicle). Kits which have their own probes can cause scarring and unsatisfactory epilation if the probe is not wielded by a professional who knows exactly which angle and depth to use on each follicle.

Please call Jennifer Walsey Ph# 917-226-8892. She is at Salon World Suites in Encinitas, in the Target Shopping Center. She has over 29 years experience. You will be in good hands with her.

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