Services: Permanent Cosmetics

“Mele Wahine” is a Registered Body Art Facility.

Nancy is a Registered Body Art Practitioner.
Health Dept. Compliant and Following All Current Covid19 Safety Protocols.

Masks are currently optional for clients in the Shop if you are fully vaccinated and required if you are not fully vaccinated for Covid 19. Please respect our Policy.


Natural Eyeliner ~ $600.
Upper or Lower only ~ $400.
Thick or Winged Upper Eyeliner (only) ~ $500.

Thick Eyeliner Upper & Lower ~ $700.

Eyebrows~ Hair Strokes (aka: microblading, embroidery, 3D )

or Soft Fill ~ $600.

Partial Brow~ (1/2 or less) ~ $500.

All new procedures (that are not a “new” touch up)

include a follow up appointment 1 -2 months after 1st. appt.

Future Touch Ups on MY Work Only:

Regular Brows or Eyeliner/Lash Enhancement ~ $300.
Upper OR Lower Eyes OR partial brow (only) ~ $240.
Heavy or Winged Uppers (only) ~ $300.

Heavy or Winged Upper & Lower Eyeliner Touch up ~ $400.

Prices will be quoted on all other procedures, corrections or touch ups on work other than my own.

Permanent Cosmetics will not be performed on anyone under 18 years of age. No exceptions.

Call  or Text 760-213-5000 to set up an appointment.

Free consultations by appointment.

What is the SoftTap Technique?

The SofTap Technique is patented. It is very controlled, gentle and safe compared to other methods.

How is it done?

The SofTap process is done by a gentle, hand applied method. We use a set of several fine, single needles that are dipped into pigment and then applied to the skin according to the desired shape or design that is pleasing to the client. Fresh pigment is deposited by the needles that softly tap and lift the skin, thereby depositing the color permanently into the skin. Hair strokes can also be tapped in or done as a microblading procedure. A combo can be done for brows, as well, and the look is fabulous!

As a result, there is a definite difference in the amount of pain experienced by the client. Many can attest to the fact that SofTap is far gentler than the traditional tattoo machine. Since it is more gentle, the skin also recovers faster.

Is it safe?

Of course! The SofTap technique is quite safe. With each procedure, fresh pigments are used which contain safe, inorganic ingredients that are considered hypo- allergenic. Only disposable needles, etc. are used. Everything used during your procedure is one time use and disposable. Softap pigments, disposable needles, handles and Recover-All ointment are all made in California.

Why do clients prefer the SofTap technique?

Simply said, it is the most gentle and comfortable procedure and it looks the most natural. The final look is natural, soft, powdery and subtle. There are currently 50 colors to choose from. No mixing necessary. Many who have used the SofTap colors stated that they looked so natural, their friends and family were surprised to hear it was permanent.

Call or Text 760-213-5000 to set up an appointment.

Free consultations by appointment.

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